Cosmonauts on the International Space Station have been juggling, doing cigar box tricks and walking tight ropes in zero gravity. They've even made a video showing off their skills.

"How can you you juggle with no gravity?" I hear you ask. Well, they've been passing the balls (oranges and apples in this case) between each other - they've been passing juggling balls in space. Cigar boxes (the cosmonauts used first aid kits) are a little easier in zero G it seems, as is tight rope walking.

It's not that the cosmonauts are bored with nothing to do up there. In fact, juggling and other circus skills have been encourage by psychologists from the Yuri Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Center. The idea is that juggling and other fun but stimulating activities can help to relieve fatigue and combat stress - just look at the smiles on their faces! Living, working and sleeping in a confined space for a long period of time, as these cosmonauts do, can be tough so it's very important to battle stress.

What should the cosmonauts try next? Some aerial or hula hoop? Perhaps some contact staff or poi? Though, I think we should leave fire breathing to people with feet on the ground!