For the 8th year running the team at have overseen the Hoopies, a set of awards to honour hoopers who have had a large impact over the previous year.

Readers of nominate their favourite hoppers in a number of different categories. Once the nominations are in the voting starts with the public once again deciding who deserves the awards. The votes are independently verified before the big reveal, which happened yesterday (27 Jan).

Here are some of the winners. For a full list of the awards and nominations, head over to

Solo Video of the Year

The award for best hooping video featuring just one hooper went to Caitlin "Isopuppy" Hofer and this video:

We feel that at least two of the nominations deserve a special mention here. Both Nick Broyd and Caterina Suttin's videos were epic and some of our personal favourite circus videos this year (both were featured on our Facebook page).

Video of the Year

This accolade went to The Arabian Hoop Revolution, a video showing what hooping is bringing to people in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia:


Hooping Event of the Year

After missing out on this award last year, SWhoop, held in Bristol, UK, was voted as the hooping event of the year 2014.

You can find out more information about SWhoop over here.

Hoop Community of the Year

This year Chicago, Illinois, USA was named as the hooping community of the year.

Youth Hooper of the Year

This award is to celebrate hoopers under the age of 18. This year Chloe McAfee, who is just 9 years old won the prize with this display of skills:


Hoop Instructor of the Year

This award went to Gail O'Brien or Northern Ireland, UK. Gail is a prolific teacher, running workshops at events all over the world. This includes master class workshops at the EJC 2014 in Ireland. Gail is a worthy winner, if you ask us!

Male Hooper of the Year

Hooping is still a female dominated discipline but every year there are more and more guys picking up the hoop. This year's winner has been inspiring men to do so for sometime now. Nick Broyd of Bristol, UK, won the inaugral Hooping Idol competition back in 2011 and has made TV and radio appearances as well as running his own hoop classes.

We linked to Nick's most recent video above but I'm going to embed it here because we love it so much:


Female Hooper of the Year

Raking in her second award is Caitlin "Isopuppy" Hofer, who won solo video of the year as well (see above).

We think special mentions in this category should go to Sharna Rose and Emma Kenna, both hail from the UK. Emma travels the world teaching hoop, has a huge online presence and is the main organiser of SWhoop. Sharna Rose is a true hoop innovator. Her technical skills are some of the best in the world and she loves to share her techniques and innovations with the hooping community.

Hooper Hall of Fame Award

This award, to quote, "honors the trailblazers who have helped to make this movement happen, celebrating a hooper’s history and their contributions to the world of hooping." The fourth inductee to this prestigious hall of fame is Brecken Rivara from Oakland, California, USA.

If you've not heard of Brecken or are wondering why she deserves this award then look no further than this video:

That's it for our round up of the 2015 Hoopie Awards. We didn't feature all of them, head over to to see the rest.

What do you think of awards like this? Do they promote the art and help to validate it in the eyes of outsiders or are they just a popularity contest? Why not let us know on our Facebook page?