Goodbye IJDB


Here's what the IJDB's Colin E. had to say to mark the occasion:


After 11 years and 4 days online, the IJDb has shut down. It has been an absolute pleasure to run such a popular website for so long.


I'd like to take this opportunity to try to thank the great many people that have helped, encouraged, hosted and inspire. In no particular order, Scott Seltzer, Tarim, Mini, Dave Barnes, Jay Linn, The Void, Luke Burrage, Jon Relf, Jon Kennett, The Void, Nils Cox, Stefan Paridaen, JiBe, Marco Paoletti, Guy Berman, Dani, Masaki Nishikawa, Rafael Porelorti, Matteo Vegetti, and finally a special thank you to Little Paul who has been a great help during the shutdown process.


New juggling websites


I am really pleased that the news of the IJDb shutdown has resulted in the launch of a whole raft of promising looking websites. In no particular order:


rec.juggling via Google Groups - the IJDb forum was 'powered' by rec.juggling, a usenet newsgroup. The IJDb may have gone, but rec.juggling lives on. You can still access it via the Google Groups interface (and Juggling Hub, Juggle Junction, mentioned below)


Juggling Edge - which has forums, events, clubs and records.


Juggling Junction - which has a rec.juggling portal, events, clubs and records to follow.


Juggling Hub - a rec.juggling portal, with OpenID authentication.


Juggling Lounge - a juggling chatroom (based on IRC).


IJA EZine - the International Jugglers Association online magazine.


As you can see, these sites pick up much of what the IJDb has left behind. The one notable exception is the great many articles that the site hosted (and were translated into about 7 different languages). Hopefully someone will find a use for these! If you want to use any of the IJDb content, feel free. It will shortly be made available to everyone (with personal details removed), under a suitable licence.


Thank you all for being a part in this site. Regards, Colin E.


Rich Kohut put this lovely video together in memory of the website: