Firetoys LED and Glow Photo Competition

Firetoys' photo competition is back for 2015! This year we're looking for your LED and glow photographs; balls, clubs, staff, poi, hula hoop, devilstick, diabolo, glow stringing and even Cyr wheel. It all counts!

However, the photo has to feature some sort of circus, spinning or manipulation glow prop. We won't accept pictures that have just used a source of light to draw patterns or write words, unless they've been made while spinning, juggling or manipulating (in the sense of "object manipulation") a prop. We understand this is a little bit vague and the final decision on contentious pictures will be made by us.

You can enter as many photos as you want but please try to select your best few rather than send us loads and loads.

The grand prize for this competition is a Flowtoys Composite Glow Staff! These babies are based around a carbon fibre shaft so they are lightweight, thin, rigid and thanks to the Flowtoys LED capsule they look amazing! In our opinion these are the best glow staffs for contact available.

Not into staff? No worries. If you don't want the staff we'll award you with a Firetoys voucher for £180 ($280 US).

Second prize will win a set of Flowtoys Podpoi (or voucher equivalent) and three runners up will each win a £10 ($15 US) Firetoys voucher.

All you need to do to enter is email your photo to We will accept photos of any quality/resolution but the higher the better.

Glow poi. Copyright Oggie MarinskiWe had many amazing glow photos submitted in our previous competitions, such as the one from Oggie on the right. Any glow photos from the previous competitions will not be eligible for a prize.

The closing date for this competition is midnight (GMT) on Sunday 10th May 2015 so you’ve got plenty of time to create an awesome snap if you don’t have one in your collection already.

Terms and Conditions

1. The photograph must be of a glow or LED circus or object manipulation prop. It is down to Firetoys’ sole discretion if the photo qualifies. You can submit as many photos as you like but please try to select you best few rather than sending us loads!

2. The photo must be received by by midnight (GMT) on Sunday 10th May 2015 to qualify.

3. You must own the submitted photo, copyright to it or have permission of the person who took the photo or owns the copyright in order to submit it to the competition.

4. You must have permission to submit the photo to this competition from the people in the photo.

5. Copyright of the photo will remain with the original owner.

6. By submitting a photo to this competition you agree to let Firetoys publish it on their website and social media pages, though full credit will be given. Should you want a website linked to the photo please include this information when you submit the photo.

7. Enhancements to the photograph by software such as Photoshop are allowed but obvious changes and enhancements by such software will be taken into consideration by the judges.

8. The winning photographs (1x 1st place, 1x 2nd place and 3x runners up) will be selected from a shortlist compiled by the competition administrator. The 5 prize winning photographs will be decided by a vote of selected Firetoys judges.

9. The 1st place prize is a Flowtoys Composite Glow Staff (or voucher equivalent). The 2nd place prize is a pair of Flowtoys Podpoi (or voucher equivalent) and 3x runners up will each receive prizes of £10 in Firetoys vouchers.

10. Vouchers will be issued in the form of unique codes. Only one code can per used per order, though Firetoys will adjust voucher denominations if necessary and requested by the winner before the order is placed.

11. Vouchers can only be used once and no change will be given. For example, if you spend £8 of a £10 voucher you will lose the remaining £2. Firetoys will issue additional vouchers in denominations of £10 should more than this not be used in the order. For example, if you spend £38 using a £50 voucher we will issue another voucher for £10 if requested by the winner.

12. Only vouchers in denominations of £10 will be issued, for example, £10, £20, £30 etc.

13. The same conditions apply to vouchers issued in U.S. dollars.

14. Vouchers issue in pounds sterling include VAT at 20%.

15. Should winners live outside the EU or US they will receive voucher in pounds sterling, excluding VAT. For example the £10 voucher will be issued as a voucher for £8.33 to non-US/EU winners. This is because all our products are sold without 20% VAT to non-EU customers. Therefore the ex-VAT voucher can be traded for exactly the same items as an EU-based winner.

The image in the banner graphic is copryright of Star Mystique.