Firetoys Prepares for the Festival Season




Firetoys has become a familiar sight across the whole spectrum of UK festivals and we’ll be returning to your favourite festival this year too.


The field is waiting for us

The warehouse has been gearing up and the Firetoys festival trailers have been cleared of the remnants of last year’s festival fun. Our festival commander-in-chief, Paul, has sent out the signal and the Firetoys festival team are amassing on the horizon in anticipation of this year’s first outing.


Our stalls (yes, more than one) are better than ever with purpose built displays to show off all the toys. Powered entirely by solar power, we have a nice little sound system so you can try out new toys to some cool tunes. After years of experience we are now fully water and wind proof (anyone remember Southern Lights 2010?!) meaning we’re also a sanctuary when the inevitable bad weather strikes.


You’ll be able to find our stall in the traders’ area of the festival site and we open from 9am until mid-night (usually) so whatever time you crawl out of your tent you’ll find us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Our staff have a great knowledge of all the props we sell and will be able to advise you whatever you’re preferred toy. We can also help you choose the best toy to keep your kids occupied while you enjoy the band! Though we suspect you’ll get hooked spinning a plate or throwing a diabolo high too.


We won’t just have children’s circus toys, though. We also have top of the range performance props and festivals are a great chance to get your hands on these to try before you buy. You’ll be able to have a feel of our high quality wooden s-staffs (aka Buugeng) or try out different length Fibre 3 contact staffs and find the one that’s right for you.


Giraffe and Zebra chill out after their shiftIf you really want to impress your friends and other festival goers we’ll have a whole range of bright glow props from inexpensive LED poi to professional quality glow props from Flowtoys. Armed with this gear you’ll be able to pull a crowd of your own.


At some festivals we run informal circus skills workshops and even when we don’t there’s a box of demo toys for you to play with to your heart’s content. Our staff also have a good range of skills and will be able to show you how to do tricks whether you’re just learning the diabolo or poi or, depending on the festival, want tips for juggling 5 clubs, running two diabolos or doing contact staff tricks.


If you’re heading to a major UK festival this summer and want us to bring a specific toy for you to try or buy then drop us a line and we’ll do our best to oblige.


Needless to say, we’re excited about the coming summer! Whatever the weather, it’s going to be great. Just remember to pack your wellies! See you there…