The European YoYo Championship 2015 was held in Cracow, Poland from the 4th to 7th March. Competing in the 3A division (that's string tricks with two yoyos to the uninitiated) was our very own Stephen Langley, aka Langerz.

Langley has been a familiar face in the UK and European yoyo community for some time and for the last couple of years has been a member of the Firetoys team, acting as our yoyo expert among other duties.

Langley can more add an even more prestigious accolade to his CV than being employed by Firetoys. On the 6th March 2015 Langley smashed out an amazing performance to take the 3A title at the EYYC 2015. He is the first British person to win a title in any division at an EYYC since 1953!

The news brought a collective tear of joy to our eyes, especially considering the knee, alarm clock, yoyo and trouser trouble he overcame in the run up to the tournament. You can hear more about Langley's epic EYYC story when he's back on UK soil. Watch this space...

For the time being you can content yourself with this video of Langley's winning performance: