Last week the European Yo-Yo Contest in Budapest drew to a close, here are the results for the top 3 in each division!

1A Finals

1st Place – Carlos Braun

2nd Place – Jan Hlinka

3rd Place – Vilmos Zoltan Kiss

Carlos gave a fantastic performance as you can see above, an enormous improvement from 13th place he achieved in 2013. This is the first European 1A victory for Germany.

2A Finals

1st Place – Dave Geigle

2nd Place – Matyas Racek

3rd Place – Dominique Vionnet

Once again Dave Geigle from Germany unsurprisingly takes the gold for the 5th year in a row! 

3A Finals

1st Place – Michal Jasko

2nd Place – Stepan Kosintzev

3rd Place – Stephen Langley

The third victory for Michal jasko in 3A, although there wasn't a lot in it this time around. An unfortunate change mid way through but still managed to cling on to the win.

4A Finals

1st Place – Quentin Godet

2nd Place – Lorenzo Sabatini

3rd Place – Groger Nandor

Easily one of the highlights of the whole contest, Quentin Godet from France took the win from the Italian powerhouse Lorenzo Sabatini with this fantastic performance.

5A Finals

1st Place – David Molnar

2nd Place – Dániel Budai

3rd Place – Petr Kavka

European contest machine David Molnar dominated this division and took back the 5A title after 2 years with this routine, a well deserved win for Hungary.

Personal Highlights

After my 5th year at this event it is safe to say it never disappoints, but two things stick out in my mind more than anything, so firstly...

Matt Gallacher is the UK 5A national champion and has been for the last two years, it is safe to say that he has stepped up his game by narrowly missing out on top 3 in one of the most competitive categories. Blinder.

But by far the most impressive was from Mexico's own Paul Kerbel...

We got to witness this delight in the 1A Open division proving that Paul is undoubtedly a HUGE threat for 1A at the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague this summer.

For full results and photos of the event please visit the EYYC14 web page