There's been a few developments in the European Juggling Convention 2015 camp recently. They now have a shiny, new and informative website. Check it out over here.

The EJC has had a turbulent year with two previous organisation teams having to cancel due to venue problems. See our article for more information on EJC 2015's troubles. Thankfully a team stepped up at very short notice for an event of this size and made arrangements for the European Juggling Convention 2015 to happen in Bruneck, in the Italian Alps, on the 1st - 9th August.

The EJC 2015 team are also looking for some help. Check this page to see if there's anything you can do...

The most important recent news, however, is the annoucement that pre-registration will open on the 1st of April (this is NOT a joke!) and that they need at least 2500 attendees for the event to happen. It is a little unclear as to whether they need 2500 people to pre-register in phase one or just to attend the whole event. In any case, they say "Unfortunately this EJC will have to be cancelled if there are not enough pre-registrations in the first pre-reg phase".

Even if the EJC does need all 2500 people to pre-register in the first phase we are confident they will get this number. Central European EJCs tend to draw large numbers, twice or even three times what this year's event needs. Given the massive saving on the full ticket price and the supportive nature of the juggling community we think 2500 pre-registrations in one month is easily doable.

Here are the pre-registration phase details - as you can see it makes loads of sense to buy early. Early tickets sales also help the organisers to plan numbers and pay bills, so get saving! For more info and to pre-register from April 1st head over to the EJC 2015's website.

Pre-Reg Phase 1

When: 1st - 30th April

How much: 120 

Pre-Reg Phase 2

When: 1st May - 30th June

How much: 180 €

Pre-Reg Phase 3

When: 1st July onward

How much: 190 €

Ticket on the Door

How much: 200 €