EJC 2015 CancelledWe received the unfortunate news today that the European Juggling Convention 2015 (aka EJC 2015) can no longer be held in Karlsruhe, Germany.

This is the second huge blow to the EJC 2015. It was originally set to be held in Berlin, however for a number of reasons the Berlin location wasn't suitable and the organising team pulled out. In March this year, much to everyone's delight, a new team and venue was announced and the EJC was set to return to Karlsruhe, the 2000 and 2008 venue.

However, the juggling gods are not on the EJC 2015's side and now Karlsruhe is off the table as well. The reason cited for this is "serious fire safety defects" in the main hall, the Europa Halle. The Karlsruhe team worked hard to find alternatives to what would have been the hub of the convention, including a huge marquee. None of these proved possible so the sad announcement was made that the EJC 2015 can not be held in Karlsruhe.

We hold out hope that an EJC will still take place in 2015 and applaud both the organising teams for their hard work.

The European Juggling Association (EJA) will be making an official announcement at this year's EJC in Ireland which starts on Saturday 19th July.

Watch this space for more news on this. For the official EJC 2105 statement see here