We were very sad to hear that the team who had bid and won the chance to host the European Juggling Convention 2015 (EJC 2015) in Berlin have had to cancel.

The team cite some reason for the cancellation in their newsletter which can be read in full here. Those reasons include difficulties with contracts, a risky venue and the possibility of no camping.

Obviously, everyone is disappointed as a Berlin EJC promised to be one of the biggest and best. However, as some commenters have pointed out it was a good move of the Berlin team to cancel when they did instead of pursuing a risky and expensive bid.

Don't fret though! The EJA (European Juggling Association), who facilitate EJCs, are on the case and there will be an EJC in 2015. We just don't know who will be running it or where it will be yet!

In the meantime we have the EJC 2014 in Ireland to look forward to!