We recently reported on the tragic death of one of Cirque du Soleil's performers, Sarah Guillot-Guyard. Following the accident all performances of Ka, the show Sarah Guillot-Guyard peformed in were suspended.

On Sunday 14th July, Cirque du Soleil announced that performances would be resuming. Here's what the statement said:

"Cirque du Soleil announces that performances of KÀ, presented at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will resume on Tuesday, July 16th at 7:00 p.m.

The decision was made after a two-week evaluation and in agreement and consultation with the artists and staff of the production.

KÀ will be presented without the “Battle Scene” act. This act has been replaced with a transition artistic scene, “The Dressing-Ritual”, that will maintain both the storyline of production and its 90-minute running time.

The Tuesday July 16th 7:00 P.M. performance will be dedicated to the memory of Sarah Guillot-Guyard (Sasoun).

Cirque du Soleil has modified the schedule of performances of KÀ until July 23rd. The revised schedule is as follows:

KÀ will begin performances again on Tuesday, July 16th (7pm), Wednesday, July 17th (7pm), Thursday, July 18th (7pm) and Friday, July 19th (7pm). Please note that Saturday, July 20th was a scheduled dark day. We will cancel late show performances for Tuesday, July 16th (9:30pm), Wednesday, July 17th (9:30pm), Thursday July 18th (9:30pm) and Friday, July 19th (9:30pm).

KÀ will resume the regular performance schedule beginning on Tuesday, July 23rd. All other ticketing info will remain the same.

The details surrounding the accident of June 29th are still under review by OSHA and their report on this matter may take up to 6 months before it is released.

Cirque du Soleil wishes to thank the audience and the media for their kind wishes, respect and on-going support during this difficult time."