The Commonwealth Youth Circus (CYC), who are a group of young circus performers training in Glasgow for a performance at this year's Commonwealth Games, have just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign is designed to keep the circus impetus going in Scotland and to help some of the CYC performers develop a career in circus instruction. The Community Circus Teacher Training would:

- Teach young circus artists how to develop their technical skills

- Help them to pass their skills onto others at a beginner level in a fun, safe and accessible way, suitable for different styles of learning

- Prepare them to take the European Youth Circus Organisation Basic Trainer qualification currently being designed by circuses across Europe

- Give them information on how develop from bring a community trainer, to professional teaching, social work or working in schools

The scheme will also endevour to improve their local community of Govan in Glasgow. Govan has some social problems and the CYC believe by giving free workshops they can help to allieve some of these problems.

One of the future aims of this campaign is to set up a Scottish circus school. Training these members of the CYC is the first step towards that goal.

For more information and to donate visit the CYC's Kickstarter page.

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