Circulus, an emsemble of some of the hottest young talent in British circus today, smashed on the scene at the end of March with the release of this YouTube video. In just a few weeks it amassed 270,000 views and has been attracting attention from outside the circus world.

In the comments you can see praise from Damien Walters, the eminant British gymnast and freerunner whose videos regularly get several million views (though one of Damien's training partners, Greg Townley, is, admittedly, in this video). You can also see comments from breakdancers and trickers showing loads of love for this video. Circulus even featured on The Flow Show, a hugely popular weekly review of the best parkour and freerunning videos.

The attention from outside the circus world won't be surprising if you've watched the Circulus video. Like a lot of circus emerging from the younger generations, Circulus is incorporating modern phenomena like tricking, freerunning and (not-so modern) break dancing with the more traditional circus diciplines of juggling, aerial and tumbling.

Where Circulus stands out is that it has gathered some of the countries leading young experts in all these disciplines, including, Greg Townley, Mike Corr, Genetrics, Luke Hallgarten and Tom Gaskin. Many of the team are students or graduates of The National Centre for Circus Arts.

Performers' skills alone don't make a hit video, though. You also need a great director, cameraman and editor. Circulus seem to have found all three wrapped up in just one man, Remy Archer.

With such talent involved in this exciting crew we're sure Circulus is going to go far. We hope it will help to dispell circus' old-fashioned image - notice the number of comments happy to see circus without (stereotypical) clowns - among today's youth by incorporating "cooler" things like freerunning into a circus context. 

We wish you all the best, Circulus!