Chi Chi Revolver Sets New World Record


Chi Chi Revolver, cabaret, circus and burlesque performer, set a new Guinness world record in September. She succeeded in doing 112 rotations of a hula hoop while hanging upside down.


What makes the feat even cooler is that Guinness contacted her! They wanted a new hooping record and who better to set it than Chi Chi!?


Chi Chi, real name China Olver, has been performing in circuses since she was a child. After starting in Ziz Ziz Kaboom she spent eight years touring with her father in Fred’s Flying Circus.


Chi Chi took to the hula hoop more recently, after feeling she was too “clumsy” for aerial acrobatics. She has since excelled with her chosen prop having appeared on many stages, TV show, adverts, music videos and magazines. As well as being a Guinness world record holder she also teaches hula hoop classes in Worthing, Sussex.


China is also a friend of Firetoys and her husband, Sam Olver, is a member of our workshop team and makes many of the props we sell.


This short video gives you an idea of what hooping upside down looks like: