Firetoys Aerial Circus Photo Competition

Firetoys' photo competition is back for 2014! This year we're looking for your aerial circus photographs; silk, trapeze, corde lisse, aerial ring, straps, Spanish web etc. It all counts!

We're also going to allow pole dancing photographs to qualify. We know this might be contraversial but it's our ball, so it's our rules! Plus, pole dancing and aerial circus are increasingly crossing over and the boundaries are becoming blurred. We've also seen some excellent pole routines in circuses.

You can enter as many photos as you want but please try to select your best few rather than send us loads and loads.

The grand prize for this competition is a whopping £200 to spend on Firetoys Aerial branded equipment. That could pay for, or go a long way towards one of our high quality, strength tested aerial rings, trapezes, 3 ply ropes, aerial silks, aerial hammocks and more! (See below for exclusions and conditions.)

Second prize will win a £50 Firetoys voucher and three runners up will win a £10 voucher each. 

All you need to do to enter is email your photo to We will accept photos of any quality/resolution but the higher the better.

We had many amazing aerial photos submitted for our last competition (see some winners here). Any prize winning aerial photos from the last competition will not be eligible for a prize this time, however, if your aerial photograph didn't win a prize in 2013 then please feel free to submit it again (though we do encourage new pictures). Check out Chani Turner's picture from 2013 which won a runner up prize.

The closing date for this competition is midnight (GMT) on Friday 14th March 2014 so you’ve got plenty of time to create an awesome snap if you don’t have one in your collection already.

Terms and Conditions

1.The photograph must be aerial circus or pole dancing related. It is down to Firetoys’ sole discretion if the photo qualifies. You can submit as many photos as you like but please try to select you best few rather than sending us loads!

2.The photo must be received by by midnight (GMT) on 14th March 2014 to qualify.

3.You must own the submitted photo, copyright to it or have permission of the person who took the photo or owns the copyright in order to submit it to the competition.

4.You must have permission to submit the photo to this competition from the people in the photo.

5.Copyright of the photo will remain with the original owner.

6.By submitting a photo to this competition you agree to let Firetoys publish it on their website and social media pages, though full credit will be given. Should you want a website linked to the photo please include this information when you submit the photo.

7.Enhancements to the photograph by software such as Photoshop are allowed but obvious changes and enhancements by such software will be taken into consideration by the judges.

8.The winning photographs (1x 1st place, 1x 2nd place and 3x runners up) will be selected from a shortlist compiled by the competition administrator. The 5 prize winning photographs will be decided by a vote of selected Firetoys judges.

9.The 1st prize is £200 to be spent on Firetoys Aerial branded products (this is not totally strict but the normal exclusions will apply to other products, including other brands' aerial equipment). The 2nd place and 3x runners up prizes will be given in the form of £50 and £10 Firetoys vouchers respectively.

10.Vouchers will be issued in the form of unique codes. Only one code can per used per order, though Firetoys will adjust voucher denominations if necessary and requested by the winner before the order is placed.

11.Vouchers can only be used once and no change will be given. For example, if you spend £8 of a £10 voucher you will lose the remaining £2. Firetoys will issue additional vouchers in denominations of £10 should more than this not be used in the order. For example, if you spend £38 using a £50 voucher we will issue another voucher for £10 if requested by the winner.

12.Only vouchers in denominations of £10 will be issued, for example, £10, £20, £30 etc.

13. Vouchers values quoted here include VAT but will be display as ex-VAT totals at the checkout. This will result in the full value quoted here being deducted from the grand total. For example, a £10 voucher will be displayed as a discount of £8.33 at the checkout but once VAT is applied to the sub-total this will mean you save £10 over all.

14. Should winners live outside the EU they will only receive the ex-VAT discount but they will then have reduced import taxes when the parcel reaches customs in their country.

15. Certain products are excluded from voucher codes for example, Voltige aerial equipment, many aerial accessories and other high end products. The product's description will state if an item is excluded from voucher codes. For information about a specific product please contact