The weekend before last the World Yo-yo Contest in Prague drew to a close, here are the results for the top 3 in each division.

1A Finals

1st Place – Gentry Stein

2nd Place – Takeshi Matsuura

3rd Place – Iori Yamaki

After taking the seed from the US national contest, Gentry managed to take the world title for the USA.

2A Finals

1st Place – Takuma Yamamoto

2nd Place – Yasushi Furukawa

3rd Place – Hiraku Fujii

Takuma took the 2A division with this stunning performance. 

3A Finals

1st Place – Hajime Miura

2nd Place – Hank Freeman

3rd Place – Minato Muruta

Hajime knocked the 3 time world champion off the top spot with easily one of the cleanest routines of the contest.

4A Finals

1st Place – Rei Iwakura

2nd Place – Michael Nakamura

3rd Place – Naoto Okada

Rei took the 4A division again with an amazing Soloham section at the end of his routine.

5A Finals

1st Place – Takeshi Matsuura

2nd Place – Jake Elliot

3rd Place – Sora Ishikawa

Unsurprisingly, Takeshi took the 5A division again with easily one of his most impressive performances to date.