Have you bought something from us before or do you own a prop we sell? If you have an opinion on it, both good or bad, let us (and the world) know about it and every month you’ll be in the running to win a $40 voucher to spend on this very site (no tricks, no requirements and no purchase necessary).

We want your real honest reviews, not your best mate’s neighbour’s opinion, not what you read about on some other web forum but what you have experienced and the conclusions you have reached.

The $40 voucher will be allocated on the 1st of every month (or as close to as we can make it) based on the previous 30 days of reviews. The review we think is the most informative will receive the prize.

You can submit as many reviews as you like, but please make sure you use your real name and email address otherwise we won’t be able to tell you you’ve won! Please be aware that we moderate reviews to ensure they will not misinform the public and that no rude or SPAM comments are made.

A few pointers to help you on your way:

- Try to keep the text clear and concise

- Do not use abbreviations like txt, m8, lol and gr8

- We’re not just looking for positive reviews, negative ones are just as important

- Go for quality – not quantity

- Remain polite (no swearing)

If we do not have any good reviews submitted one month, we may pick a great one from a previous month so do not lose hope!

If you have any questions, please contact us