Firetoys Multi-Function LED Glow Poi

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Multifunction durable & bright multi-coloured LED glow poi. Sold as a pair.



Our own Firetoys Multi-Function Glow Poi are a durable set of amazing looking glow poi. More colours and modes than our standard glow poi, but at a fraction of the price of a high end set of poi, it's no wonder these are so popular!

These glow poi are fitted with a strong adjustable cord, a swivel and double finger handles. There's also a handy, easy to use clip that attaches the poi heads to the cords. This allows you to change the cords easily or to take the heads off and pop them in a pair of sock poi so you can get your glow-wibble on (hey, we're old school!). You can also upgrade the handles with our awesome pro silicone poi handles.


one button, multiple functions

A single button controls these glow poi: Press the button once to change to the next colour. Quickly press the button twice (quick click) to switch to the next mode. Hold the button for 4 seconds to turn it off.


Mode A: (irregular) 1. color change (red -> green -> blue -> yellow -> indigo -> purple -> orange - > white) 2. color fade (red -> orange -> yellow -> green -> indigo -> blue -> purple) 3. rainbow strobe (red, green, blue, yellow, indigo, purple, orange, white strobe) 4. white/red -> white/green-> white/blue -> white/yellow -> white/indigo -> white/purple -> white/orange 5. green/orange -> yellow/indigo -> purple/blue 6. red/blue irregular


Mode B: (dots & blocks) 1. 8 single color + rainbow dots 2. red dots + yellow/green blocks 3. yellow dots + pink/indigo blocks 4. 8 single color dots -> blocks 5. rainbow dots -> blocks 6. white dots + purple/green blocks


Mode C: (single color) 1. red 2. green 3. blue 4. yellow 5. indigo 6. purple 7. orange 8. white


Each glow poi is powered by 3 x LR44 batteries, which allow it to glow brightly for around 5-8 hours. Batteries are supplied with the poi.

Additional batteries are available from us. A total battery change costs very little.


Sold as a pair.


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