Basecamp Expedition Yo Yo

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YoYoFactory and CLYW join forces to create the Basecamp Expedition, a great value metal yoyo suitable for 1A, 3A and 5A play. Please note: this yoyo is unresponsive and requires a bind trick to return it to the hand so not suitable for beginners.
Basecamp is a collaboration between two amazing yo yo manufacturers, YoYoFactory and CLYW. For each of their models one manufacturer created the yoyo but took design influence from the other. The Basecamp Expedition yoyo is CLYW designed but YoYoFactory influenced. The Basecamp Expedition is a full metal yoyo that utilises CLYW's Snow Tyre response system. You can see the influence of YoYoFactory's Shutter, combined with CLYW's Orca and Aviator 2 in the organic h-shape of the Expedition. The Expedition has superb rim weighting that helps to give it its awesome spin time and amazing stability. It has a great feel in the hand and on the string without being too heavy or compromising its manoeuvrability. Add a counterweight and we love this yoyo for 5A play. In fact, it's our favourite freehand yoyo. For more of our favourite yoyos check out this article. Please note: this yoyo is unresponsive and requires a bind trick to return it to the hand.
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Country of ManufactureUSA
LevelAll Levels
Axle TypeCenter Trac Bearing by CBC
Response SystemSilicone Pad
Diameter55.61 mm
Width44.53 mm
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