Powerball Sports Gyro 250hz Wrist Exerciser - Blue-Pro (Screen and Speedometer)

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Sports Gyros are perfect for injury recovery, or just general arm strength training. 250hz version available in Classic or Pro

Powerball is the only name in the sports gyroscope game as far as we're concerned. Sports gyros are used for wrist training through resistance generated by a superfast spinning ball in the centre that you keep moving with your wrist, forearm, biceps and triceps.

Injury Prevention

Increasing strength in these areas also helps prevent injury. Powerballs can even treat injuries and speed up rehabilitation. Examples of complaints people have found Power Balls to be beneficial for include: Painful RSI, numb fingers & hands from the onset of Carpal Tunnel, epicondylitis, tight forearm muscles in the morning because of scar tissue and restricted blood flow, broken arms, fractured wrist, poor grip, Tennis Elbow, shoulder injury, bursitis and many more.

Pro Model

the Pro model comes with a digital speed counter with an LCD display containing 3 exercise options, so you can see how many RPM you get up to. The 250hz version can get up to 15000 RPM!


The Powerball is started using the red cords provided. It can take a few goes to get the rhythm needed to maintain and increase the Powerball's RPM, but the best start is a fast pull on the cord to give you the momentum you need.


  • Powerball
  • Manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Starting cords
  • Instruction CD
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LCD screen?Pro (Screen and Speedometer)
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