Aerial Acrobatic Beam Clamp

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A clamp with hanging ring for rigging aerial circus kit from steel I beams. Consult a structural engineer to ensure your beam is suitable before buying this product.

The first beam clamp designed expressly for aerial circus. It securely attaches to steel beams and the adjustable opening allows it to be clamped to various common sizes of steel I rail. It is essential that a structural engineer certifies that the beam is suitable for this clamp and for performing aerial from before you buy and use this product.

Acrobatic - Suitable for Angles up to 45°

This Beam Clamp has been specially designed to allow for angled forces, something that most static beam clamps aren't suitable for. The standard downward WLL is 750kg (from a BLL of more than 3000kg), and the angular WLL is 500kg, still more than most performers would need.

It is not however suitable for fully swinging loads that exceed 45°.

Easy to install

With 2 19mm Sockets (or one 19mm socket set and a 19mm spanner), this clamp can be easily attached to most I-beams. The 4 individually moving points give this clamp the ability to fit a range of beam widths from 82mm to 200mm, which makes this even more versatile as a rigging option.

Once the clamp itself is installed, the simple rigging point in the middle is easy to clip carabiners to. You can even use the secondary rigging points at the ends as a redundant failover point with a short cable or sling.

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ManufacturerCAT-S Engineering
Country of ManufactureFrance
Working Load Limit1102lbs
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