Prodigy Aerial CottonSafe Rope

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This super neat, innovative, comfortable, and safe rigging solution has been expertly designed, especially for Aerial rigging.


Prodigy Aerial has designed this rigging solution, especially for Aerial. They've taken the innovative design of the PolySafe Rope, and given it a super comfortable cotton-covered upgrade!


The single-leg, like a rope, gives you a clean presentation for use on a stage. The cotton cover is very comfortable to grip above an Aerial Hoop.

The extra-super-strong 3t Working Load Limit (WLL) gives you an incredibly strong piece of kit with more material to squish and grip, making this feel like a proper cotton rope.


The Aerial CottonSafe Rope is soft and comfortable and very easy to grip. It is very comfortable to hock onto a CottonSafe Rope above a hoop.


The Prodigy Aerial CottonSafe Rope can be used with any of our Aerial Hoops and gives the look and performance of a 100% cotton rope at a fraction of the cost.


The soft eyes on the Aerial CottonSafe Ropes are perfect for connecting to the shackles on Prodigy’s Multi-point Aerial Hoop. It's safer to use an Aerial CottonSafe Rope compared to a round sling/strop since it won't slide if you only grab one side of it.


The only downside of an Aerial CottonSafe Rope, compare to the PolySafe rope, is that you cannot choke the CottonSafe Rope onto a 0-Point (tabless) Aerial Hoop. Please be aware of this. 


The Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope conforms to EN 1492-2:20000 and has a WLL of 3t.


For more information on aerial safety, see here, and for information on safe rigging at home, see our guide on installing aerial equipment at home.

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