Firetoys Cork Massage Peanut

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A renewably made cork peanut for massaging out those aches and pains! When you add this item to your basket ,along with any Firetoys or Prodigy apparatus (eg: Aerial Hoops, Aerial Silks etc.), you will be able to order these at HALF PRICE! (this will show as a discount when you check your shopping cart or proceed to check out)

A peanut?

You may have used tennis balls or spiky massage balls for pain and ache relief, but many say that for self massage, a peanut is best!

The unique shape allows you to control the massage ball beneath you more easily while rolling out, and it sits nicely either side of the spine.

It can be used in much the same way as a foam roller, as it won't roll off to the side the way a single ball would. These are of course much more portable than a foam roller, so you can just chuck it in your kit bag and not worry!

Soft, renewable cork

These peanuts are made of cork which has a perfect level of grippiness with a slight bounce to it. It's also one of the most renewable materials to make these kinds of things out of! The trees themselves help prevent soil erosion and are completely renewable!

Fantastic value

If you add this peanut to your basket with one of the "recommended products" below, the price of the peanut will be discounted by 50% OFF! Offer valid with any Firetoys or Prodigy brand Aerial Hoops, Aerial SilksRopes, Nets, Straps, and Yoga Hammocks. There is no limit to how many can be discounted to half price so you can get one for yourself and for a friend or buy for your whole class!

For more information on self-massage with these peanuts, see this article here

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