Firetoys 3 Point Aerial Hoop - Pearl Black

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These 3 point aerial hoops can be suspended from the 2 exterior points like a 2 point lyra, but have a third point for attaching hand loops, or for rigging as a 1-point hoop. All sizes are EXTERNAL diameters. WLL: 375 lbs (170kg)

Aerial hoops, also known as aerial rings or lyras, are a classic aerial circus performance prop much like trapezes and aerial ropes. They’ve recently grown in popularity and are now appearing in studios and halls all over the world.

This three point lyra is the most versatile of the series as it can be rigged in many different ways (details below). The additional points will come in useful for practice spaces and training, however they are not as elegantly simple as the 1 point aerial hoops favoured by performers.

This 3 point aerial hoop is made from premium grade steel with a black matt finish. The paint job on our aerial hoops is now better than ever before. It's even more hard-wearing thanks to the epoxy resin powder coating that is baked on for a longer lasting finish.

Three point aerial hoops are very similar to 2 point aerial rings in that they are designed to be suspended from both exterior points (as shown below). The connectors on this hoop are ready to accept any suitable carabiner in order to connect it to a strophanging cable, or cable reinforced cotton rope. Please note - the quick links (maillon rapide) will not fit our aerial hoops. You can also connect the lyra directly to a strop without the need for a carabiner.

If these points are rigged to 2 separate ceiling mounts then the hoop will not swivel. This is useful for training and also when a performance is direction dependent.

For a rotating and very stable rig you can use a paw plate to connect the top of the 2 cables or ropes together, and then attach them to a swivel.

You can also attach a hand-loop strap to the center point if your act requires it.

Alternatively you can feed a polyester strop around the middle point and secure it in a choke knot in order to suspend the hoop as you would a single point..

Some examples of rigging options with a three point aerial hoop...

When used this way a swivel can be added to the top of the assembly for a rotating single point lyra. Using a 3 point aerial hoop this way is fine for practice but most people find the additional exterior points look a little odd in a performance if they are not used. The hoop is also more likely to tip when attached from a single point.

Please note all 3 points on our hoops are strength tested individually, and each one meets our Breaking Load Limits. This means you can hook up suspension points to any of the attachment points in either direction and still be within the listed safe working loads.

We also stock a variety of adhesive tapes for both decoration and grip. You can find a guide to taping your aerial hoop here.

Sizing: If you are unsure which size you need, sit on a chair and measure from the seat to the top of your head, then add 4" (eg: chair to top of head is 33", then you need a 37" aerial hoop). For more information on getting the right sized hoop, click here.

Please note: all sizes refer to the EXTERNAL diameter. The internal diameter is 2" less than the external diameter.

If you're getting an aerial hoop for a class or for shared use, a 37" lyra would be the most suitable as its the most popular size and is mid way through the range.

This aerial hoop is manufactured by Firetoys and is fully strength tested using an external testing facility.

The max Working Load Limit is 375 lbs (170kg).

Aerial acrobatics products have a different returns policy to the rest of our catalogue. Please make sure you are familiar with this before buying.

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ManufacturerFiretoys Aerial
Country of ManufactureUK
Tubing Diameter1"
Working Load Limit375lbs
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