Firetoys 3 Ply Red Free Rope with Steel Eye

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Add some extra colour to your routine with our UK made red 3 ply cotton free ropes (corde lisse) available in a range of lengths.

All are supplied with steel eyes.


Working Load Limit (WLL): 190kg

These high quality 3 ply free ropes (corde lisse) are made from five splice, 100% soft red cotton with standard shock stretch (enough to cushion landings without hindering climbs).

All these ropes are supplied with a reinforced steel eye for extra durability. These free-ropes are favoured by many performers around the world for their soft feel which makes them more "friendly" to the hands and feet compared to other styles of corde lisse. The 3 ply core also prevents this free rope from distending in heavily used areas.

These ropes are whipped for security and we regularly test our ropes for strength. A log book to monitor use and an information sheet are provided. We recommend using a working loads limit of 419lbs on these ropes.

1.4" diameter.

Hand made in the UK.

These ropes are available in white and black as well. We can do custom lengths with a few days notice. Please call contact us for more info.

We recommend using the ISC Pear-Shaped carabiner with these ropes as it has a wide gate opening. The Vulcan carabiner will fit the eyes on these ropes but it's a squeeze so once fitted it should not be removed. The ISC can be taken on and off as much as you like.

Please note: these ropes are NOT suitable for use as a Spanish web. The rope will untwist if used for that purpose. We stock purpose built ropes for Spanish web about half way down this page.


20': 6.6lbs

23': 7.4lbs

26': 8.2lbs

29' 6": 9.1lbs

33': 9.9lbs

36': 10.7lbs

39' 6": 11.6lbs

42' 6": 12.4lbs

46': 13.2lbs

49': 14lbs

Aerial acrobatics products have a different returns policy to the rest of our catalogue. Please make sure you are familiar with this before buying.

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Country of ManufactureUK
ManufacturerFiretoys Aerial
Rope Type3 Ply
Rope Diameter1.35"
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